Capped Price Brake Service.

Brake pad and disc replacement.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is offering breakthrough pricing on a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Brake Pad and Disc replacement. All Mercedes-Benz Vans Genuine Parts come with a 2 year unlimited km parts warranty.

Only trust a Mercedes-Benz factory-trained technician to maintain your vehicle.

Vito 638 (1998 - 2004 models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$277$345
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$780$888

Vito 639 (2004 - 2015 models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$360$339
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$899$935

Vito 447 (2015 - current models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$415$299
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$955$888

Sprinter (1998 - current models)

Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$459$445
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$1,100$1,205


Front (inc. GST)Rear (inc. GST)
Brake Pad Replacement$440$365
Brake Pad & Disc Replacement$1,005$1,059

*All prices shown are the Manufacturer’s Recommended List Price (MRLP) valid as of October 2020 and are subject to change. Capped pricing available on the above models only for the life of the vehicle and includes basic specification brakes for the relevant model at a price which is equal to or less than the MRLP. Ultimate price charged for each brake will be at the discretion of the relevant retailer.  Please contact your local participating retailer for further information.